Pico Car Seat Review {Feb 2024}

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Written by: Fatima O. Millers, CPST

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pico portable car seat from wayb

Overall Score: 9.9

Tested With Scoring System 1.0 








Weight & Portability






Ease of Cleaning



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Best for

Children aged 2 and older

Average or petite-sized children

Parents who often travel

Parents frequently use taxis/Ubers

Installations of 3 car seats across


Low weight & Height limits

Hard seatbelt installation

Short crotch buckle (Comfort issues)

Non-adjustable headrest

No built-in lock off

Our Verdict

Pico car seat is a 5 point harness forward facing car seat that is light and portable. It weighs only 8 pounds and it folds up small, making it easy to carry or stow during your family trips.

The car seat features a breathable mesh that can keep your little one cool and comfortable.

The Pico car seat is expensive, but I think it’s a good buy if you travel a lot or frequently use Ubers and taxis. It’s especially handy for those who need a portable car seat

In This Review

Pico Requirements & Info | Pico’s stand-out Features | Reasons Pico might not be for you | Pico Alternatives | Final Thoughts | FAQs

Pico car seat requirements

The Pico Car Seat is recommended for kids 2 years and older, from 22 to 50 pounds and 30 to 45 inches tall.

It can be used forward-facing only

Pico Quick Stats

  • Orientation: forward facing only
  • Harness: 5-point harness.
  • Harness height: One harness height 16.5”
  • Car seat width: 14.75”
  • Car seat weight: 8 pounds
  • lock-off: no
  • Height limit: 30-45″
  • Weight limit: 22-50 pounds 
  • Head height rules: Ears must be contained within the headrest
  • Crash replacement policy: Replace after a moderate or severe crash
  • Expiration & Warranty: 7 years

Cleaning instructions

You can easily spot clean and air dry your Pico car seat. Here are the instructions recommended by Wayb.

  • Fabric Pads Cleaning: Use warm water and mild, wool-safe detergent for spot cleaning the seat pad, buckle pad, and harness pads. Ensure they are air-dried away from direct sunlight before re-use or storage. Avoid bleach, ironing, or machine washing.
  • Harness Straps: Spot clean with cold water and mild detergent. Air dry thoroughly before re-use or storage, and do not bleach or dry clean.
  • Aluminum Care: Clean with warm water and towel dry before re-use or storage.
  • Safety Labels: Keep the car seat labels intact as they contain crucial safety information.
  • Buckle and Lower Anchor Connector: Ensure the buckle clicks securely. If necessary, rinse under warm water without using detergents or lubricants.

Pico Standout Features

Foldable and compact for carrying

The Pico car seat is perfect for traveling families, easily folding down to the size of a small suitcase in just a few seconds. 

It’s a big help if you travel often with your kids and need to bring their car seats along. And if you’ve got more than one kid who’s old enough to face forward in their seats, this could be a real lifesaver. 

The Pico makes moving through the airport with a car seat a breeze, solving the headache of carrying around bulky car seats.

Lightweight, just 8 lbs

The Pico Car Seat stands out not just for its innovative foldable design, but it’s also super light, weighing only 8 pounds, so it’s really easy to carry around. 

This means when you’re traveling or even just moving it from one car to another, it won’t be a hassle. 

With the Pico, you can quickly fold it up, toss it over your shoulder, and be on your way, making it perfect for trips, whether you’re flying, taking a train, or catching a taxi. 

Allows for fitting 3 car seats across

The Pico Car Seat is super slim, only 15 inches wide, which makes it one of the narrowest car seats you can find in the US.

This means you can fit three of these seats side by side in the back of most cars, even the smaller ones

It’s really handy feature for families with more than one kid, making car rides easier to manage. But, there’s a heads-up for parents: getting the Pico strapped in tightly with the car’s seat belt might take a bit more effort. 

So, while it’s awesome for saving space, you’ll need to take a little extra time to make sure it’s installed right to keep your little ones safe.

Air travel friendly 

The Pico car seat is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), meaning you can take it onboard and use it during your flights. 

And since car seats are free to carry on you don’t have to pay extra to keep it with you on the flight. 

Pico is designed to fit in overhead compartments, if you decide not to use it on the airplane seat.

But if you do, installing it with the airplane lap belt is easy, and the seat is so low-profile that your child will probably be able to use the tray table in flight for snacking or playing.

Check out Wayb’s airplane installation video here.

You can also buy the Deluxe Pico Travel Bag. It costs an additional $80 but lets you wear the seat like a backpack and keeps it neatly tucked away from airport germs. 

Easy LATCH installation

Pico Car Seat offers both LATCH and seatbelt options for installation. However, Wayb recommends using the LATCH system whenever possible because it’s generally easier to install that way.

My experience backs this up. I didn’t run into much trouble fitting the Pico into various cars using the LATCH system. 

I managed to get a perfect three-across setup in a 2017 Honda Odyssey, and it even snugly fit the 2nd row center seat, which is only 14 inches wide.

Also, I installed in a Toyota Sienna with LATCH and it was a breeze.

Reasons Pico might not be for you

While the Pico car seats are pretty revolutionary for those of us who fly with kids, there are certain features that might make you think twice before purchasing one.

Low weight & Height limits

Pico has lower limits compared to most other forward-facing car seats, with a maximum height and weight limit of 45 inches or 50 pounds. 

This means larger kids may outgrow the Pico car seat by the age of 4-5 years old, primarily because of its fairly short harness height of 16.5 inches. 

Hard seatbelt installation + No built-in lock off

Installing the Pico car seat using a seat belt might be a bit tricky. The reason is the belt guides on the seat are pretty narrow. 

This can cause the belt to fold up and get stuck, which makes it hard to pull it tight enough. Even as a CPST, I had to try a few times to get it installed tightly in different cars.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Pico doesn’t come with a built-in lock off for the seat belt installation. This is mainly a problem in countries outside the US and Canada, , where vehicle seat belts typically don’t have a locking mechanism for car seat installation. 

You can buy a belt lock off but this makes the seat belt installation process more challenging. 

Short crotch buckle

The Pico has a really short crotch buckle strap and this might also become a comfort issue for some children as they grow closer to the seat’s upper limits.

Non-adjustable harness height

The harness height on the Pico is non-adjustable, fixed at about 16 inches from the seat bottom. Given how much the Wayb Pico costs, this fixed height is a disadvantage because many kids on the taller side will outgrow the seat by heights before weight. 

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Also, adjusting the Pico’s harness is a bit different than what you might be used to. Instead of pulling one strap to tighten or loosen the whole harness, you adjust it from both sides separately. 

This unique system might take a little while to get the hang of, especially if you’re used to car seats that adjust with a single strap in the center.

Final thoughts

At $380, the WAYB Pico car seat isn’t exactly budget-friendly, but it has a few standout features that sets it apart from other travel car seats: it’s lightweight and can fold in half. This makes it an incredibly compact car seat, ideal for families on the move.

But if you’re feeling like the Pico might not be the right fit for your needs or budget, I listed 3 different alternatives below that are worth considering. 

Pico Seat Alternatives

Best alternative
cosco scenera alternative to pico car seat

Cosco Scenera Next

Cosco Scenera Next is a budget-friendly convertible car seat that easy to install, slim and very light. It’s designed to rear-face kids until they’re at least two years old and forward-face until they are 40lbs.


Weighs 7 pounds




Outgrown at 38″

Weight limit:40 lbs

Best Booster
cosco finale 2 in 1 pico alternative

Cosco Finale 2-in-1

Cosco Finale 2-in-1 Booster can be used as a 5-point harness seat for up to 65 lbs, and later transitions to a belt-positioning booster for kids up to 100 lbs. Easy to transfer between cars, and fits three across in most back seats.


FAA approved

Fits in 3 across



Not so comfortable

Average quality

Best for tweens
ridesafer travel vest pico alternative

Ridesafer Travel Vest

Ride Safer travel vest is an alternative to traditional booster seats for young children and tweens. It adjusts the seatbelt to the child’s level ensuring a safer and more comfortable fit. It’s also an excellent option for a travel seat.



Extremely compact

Easy to use


Cannot replace a regular car seat

Not FAA-approved



Frequently Asked Questions

Pico car seat is suitable for children who are at least 2 years old. It can accommodate children until they hit 50 pounds in weight or 45 inches in height. 

Absolutely, the Pico portable car seat meets all federal safety standards, and it’s safe to use.

The Wayb Pico itself does not include a bag in its standard package. But you can purchase the travel bag specifically designed for it or any other car seat travel bag.

The Wayb Pico is manufactured in China.

Yes, Wayb products, including Pico car seat, occasionally go on sale. These sales might occur during special promotional events or certain times of the year. Keep an eye on their website.

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