Can you return car seats?

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Written by: Fatima O. Millers, CPST

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Can you return car seats? Yes, you can!  

If you are unhappy with a car seat you bought for your little one, don’t worry. Most car sear sellers and manufacturers accept car seat returns. 

However, before you go ahead and click the confirm order button, take a few minutes to check the seller’s return policy. 

can you return a car seat

Some companies have a strict return policy allowing you only a few days to make a decision, some don’t accept opened packages while others charge you for the return.

Here are some of the famous car seat brands and their car seat return policy. 

Can you return car seats to Walmart?

According to Walmart’s car seat return policy yes, you can return your car seat if you are unhappy with it within 90 days

“Walmart does accept returns of used and unboxed car seats within 90 days of purchase. If for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the car seat, whether it is the quality, size, durability, etc., you can receive a full refund when a receipt is provided. Without a receipt, you may receive an exchange or store credit”  Source: Walmart car seat return policy

To return a car seat to Walmart, you must show up at the service help desk with your well-packaged car seat, and receipt and they will refund, or exchange the product.

Can you return a car seat to Nuna?

It’s started in Nuna’s return policy that car seat returns are accepted within 60 days of purchase on new and unused merchandise. 

So, if you bought a car seat from Nuna and would like to return it, it should be unused. 

Nuna has a very easy return process and if you give them a call they will help you with your car seat return-related questions. 

You can also simply download the Nuna Direct return form from their website ( look for the return page) and enclose it in the box of your car seat.

Keep in mind that Nunda does not accept car seat returns if they are not bought directly from the Nuna US website. 

If you have bought a Nuna car seat from a retailer and not directly from Nuna in-stores on online stores, contact the retailer for their return policy.

Can you return a car seat to Safety 1st?

If you have a Safety 1st car seat that you are unhappy with it, you can return it within 35 days of delivery as long as it is still in its original packaging.

Similar to Nuna, Safety 1st doesn’t accept car seat returns purchased from retailers. They only take unused car seats purchased directly from their website (

To request a return, you can chat with Consumer Care representatives through the website chat or by calling 888-521-6550. 

Safety 1st will provide a pre-paid shipping label for the car seat return shipment and it will take from 2 to 4 weeks to process your return request. 

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Can you return a car seat to Graco?

Car seat returns with Graco are possible within 30 days of purchase and the returns are free through the Return Portal.

With Graco, you can start the return request through your order history in your Account. 

Once you initiate the return on your order, you will get an email confirmation with step-by-step instructions on how to return the car seat.

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Can you return a car seat to Maxi Cosi?

Maxi Cosi has a list of eligible car seats for return. To be able to return a car seat to Maxi Cosi

  • The car seat has to be new and unused and returned within fourteen days of delivery only. 
  • The car seat has to be defect free. Damaged seats won’t be accepted even if they are new unless it was shipped to you damaged. That’s why you should package the car seat very well to prevent damage during return shipment. 

If your unwanted car seat meets these requirements, all you have to do is print the original order confirmation, dispatch Confirmation, invoice, and/or packing slip, and include the RGA number on the outside of the car seat box.

You will also have to pay shipping charges for the return. 

If you have a question about Maxi Cosi car seat Return Policy, contact them through their Customer Care team

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Can you return car seats to Target?

Target accepts car seat returns with no problem within 90 days.

As long as you are not happy with your car seat, Target will accept it even if it’s slightly used.

If you purchased a car seat that doesn’t fit well or feels uncomfortable, you can take it to the Target store and get a refund. 

Target has another great program which is the Car Seat Tarde In Event.

If you have an unwanted or old car seat, you can take it during this Trade-In Event and exchange it for a 20% coupon toward any of the baby’s gear products. 

There are plenty of ways to repurpose a car seat, but Target Trade-In Events is one of the easy ways.  

The Bottom Line

Buying a car seat is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider which make getting the right seat without testing it unlikely. 

Unfortunately, some companies don’t offer in-store testing so you will have to take the risk of buying it without testing and you may end up returning it. 

To avoid the hassle, make sure you check the car seat fit for your car, your child’s stats, and your budget. 

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  1. Don’t ever buy a car seat from Dillards! Purchased the Nuna Rava but it is a terrible fit for our small car. Wanted to exchange it for the Nuna Rev. no help at all! Nuna won’t even help Exchange it. So stuck with a $500 car seat we cannot use!


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