10 Best Car Seats For 3 Across In 2024

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Written by: Fatima O. Millers, CPST

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Having 3 children is hard but what’s even harder is trying to fit 3 car seats across the backseat of your car. Trust me I have been there! 

For most of us parents, getting a larger vehicle isn’t usually an option so making the 3 across work is definitely the way to go (A lot less expensive than buying a new ride, right?) 

But finding the right car seat to fit three across can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve put in the time and effort to research and review the best car seats for 3 across installations, so you can make an informed decision without the stress. 

Let’s make it easy and get you on the road with your three little road warriors.

best car seats for 3 across

Good to know: Each car seat has been thoroughly evaluated for its features, advantages, and disadvantages, providing you with all the information you need to choose the perfect car seat for your family’s needs. 

In a Hurry? These are the best car seats for 3 Across

Nuna Pipa Lite LX (Best Premium Infant Car Seat For 3 across)

Clek Liing (Best Lightweight Infant Car Seat For 3 across) 

Chicco Fit2 (Best Long lasting Infant Car Seat For 3 across)

Graco Slimfit3 LX (Best budget convertible car seat for 3 across)

Nuna Rava (Best Premium convertible Car Seat For 3 across)

Clek Foonf (Best flame retardants free car seat for 3 across)

Diono Radian 3XRT (Best forward-facing car seat for 3 across)

Clek Fllo (Best sturdy car seat for 3 across)

Chicco Myfit (Best combination car seat for 3 across)

Peg Perego Shuttle Plus 120 (Best Booster car seat for 3 across)

10 Best car seats for 3 across

Nuna Pipa Lite LX (Best Premium Infant Car Seat For 3 across)

nuna-pipa-lite-rx-car-seat for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D27.3” x W17.5” x H22.5”

Weight limits: Rear-facing (4 to 32 lbs,  Maximum 32”) 

Weight‎: 5.7 lbs (Carrier only)

The Nuna Pipa Lite LX is a narrow infant car seat. It measures 17.5 inches wide making it suitable for 3 across installations. 

The Nuna Pipa is also one of the most compact infant car seats front-to-back which helps save legroom space in small cars. 

Plus, the Nuna Lite LX carrier weighs only 5.7 pounds. The super light weight makes it the perfect infant seat not only for 3 across but also for everyday use. 

Another great feature of the Nuna Pipa LX is the “Sky drape”. It’s an extra fabric that attaches to the seat’s canopy with magnets and shields your baby from the sun and unwanted attention.

Also, the seat is made of soft fabrics, free of added flame retardants, and comes with extra infant inserts, magnetic buckle holders to hold the harness out of the way, and many bells and whistles that are worth the price tag. 

Other key-selling features

Made of Merino wool 

No added fire retardant chemicals

Cleverly lightweight

Steel-reinforced True lock base

Removable headrest 

Removable, full coverage, UPF 50+ canopy


Super lightweight carrier

Easy to install

Great for preemies



Can’t be used baseless 

Clek Liing (Best Lightweight Infant Car Seat For 3 across) 

best car seats for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D22.6” x W16.9” x H26.8”

Weight limits: Rear-facing (4- 35 lbs)

Weight‎: 9 lbs

The Clek Liing is another slim infant car seat we usually recommend for 3 across installations in small cars. 

The Liing measure only 16.9 inches in width making it the slimmest infant car seat on the market. It also takes up less front-to-back room in the car. 

We like that it fits tiny newborns so it would be a good choice for preemies. 

The Clek Liing is equipped with a belt lock-off that makes installation in a 3 across situation so easy and it features a load leg of extra safety. 

At 9 pounds the Clek Liing is a lightweight carrier that’s made of flame retardant-free fabrics. It features an SPF100+ canopy

Other key-selling features

Energy-absorbing metal load leg

Side-impact protection

One-handed quick release

7 recline positions


Advanced safety features


Easy installation


Less than 17 inches wide


Manual no-rethread harness

Bad label placement 

Hefty price tag

Chicco Fit2 (Best Long lasting Infant Car Seat For 3 across)

chicco fit2 for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D28″ x W17″ x H24″

Weight limits: Rear-facing (4-35 lbs)

Weight‎: 11 lbs


Chicco is known for its KeyFit 30 infant carrier, which is another great option for 3 across. However, Chicco’s Fit2 is one of our favorite Chicco seats.   

Most infant car seats are outgrown by age one but the Chicco Fit2 is designed to accommodate children up to age 2. 

The Chicco Fit2 is narrow at 17 inches and relatively shallow front-to-back to fit in small cars. 

The seat has the “SuperCinch” tightening system that helps install the seat without a lot of tugging and frustration. Plus, a built-in reclining foot makes it easier to get the right angle.

Unlike other infant seats, the Chicco Fit2 can be used as a stroller seat until age 2 allowing you quickly transport your baby.  

Other key-selling features

SuperCinch tightening system

7-position headrest

One-handed quick release

7 recline positions

No-rethread harness

Advanced safety features


Extended use (up to 2 years old)

High-quality materials and sleek finish

Easy to install and use


Heavier than other infant carriers

Somewhat expensive 

Tricky to put the seat cover back on

Graco Slimfit3 LX (Best budget convertible car seat for 3 across)

graco slimfit3 lx for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D20.7″x W16.7″ x H24.5″

Weight limits: Rear-facing (5-40), forward-facing (22-65), HBB (40-100)

Weight‎: 19.2 lbs

Graco Slimfit3 LX is an all-in-one convertible car seat that’s designed specifically for 3 across. It’s also a 3 in 1 car seat that will grow with your child. 

The Graco Slimfit3 LX measures only 16.5” wide and it can easily fit in small cars like the Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Prius. The seat has two removable cup holders for easy access to snacks and drinks.     

In addition to the compact design, the Graco slimfit3 LX features breathable mesh AirFlow fabric to provide ventilation and keep your little one cool and comfortable during long rides.

This seat offers LATCH installation and seatbelt lock-off but only for the forward-facing mode. 

Other key-selling features

Steel-reinforced frame

EPS energy-absorbing foam

10-position No-Rethread Harness

Integrated belt lock-off

Push-button InRight LATCH

Rapid Remove cover for easy cleaning


Skinny at the right price

Goes up to HBB Booster stage

Easy forward-facing installation


Challenging installation

No belt lock-off for rear-facing

Not suitable for newborns

Nuna Rava (Best Premium convertible Car Seat For 3 across)

nuna rava car seat for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D 16” x W 19” x H 25.2”-31”

Weight limits: Rear-facing ( 5–50 lbs), Front-facing ( 25–65 lbs)

Weight‎: 27.2 lbs

If you are looking for comfort in a slim convertible car seat, look no further than the Nuna Rava. 

In addition to being a suitable car seat for 3 across, the Nuna is a car seat with top-notch fabric and construction from its premium fabrics to advanced safety technology. 

The installation is also a breeze with Nuna’s “Simply Secure” seatbelt locking system. It’s somehow similar to the ClickTight found on Britax seats. You can also use LATCH to install it easily but for a 3 across configuration, the seatbelt install is better. 

Nuna Rava features naturally flame-resistant fabrics and uses no chemicals or added fire retardants that may hurt your baby in the long run. 

With the easy adjust headrest positions and the removable infant and body the seat grows with your child providing a comfortable ride. 

Other key-selling features

Flame-retardant free

All-steel frame

10-position No-Rethread Harness

LATCH connectors

Side impact protection (SIP)

Dual flip-open cup holders


Easy to use and install

Extended Leg Room

Flame retardant free


Very heavy (27 lbs)

On the pricy side

Not the best for newborns

Clek Foonf (Best toxins free car seat for 3 across)

clek foonf car seat for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D12.5” x W16.9” x H26” 

Weight limits: Rear-facing (14-50 lbs), Front-facing (22- 65 lbs)

Weight‎: 33 lbs

Another great convertible seat that supports 3 across is the Clek Foonf. This car seat measures 16.9 inches wide making it very narrow on the outside yet spacious on the inside. 

The Clek Foonf may not be as cushy as the Nuna Rava but it’s comfortable enough for toddlers and older kids. Plus, with the Clek’s Infant Thingy insert (Purchased separately), the Foonf can be a cozy ride for 5 pounds newborn as well. 

One of our favorite things about the Clek Foonf is the extended rear-facing option. With this seat, you can keep your little ones rear-facing until 50 pounds. 

Parents that want a car seat that’s free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, must choose the Foonf from Clek’s Merino wool collection.

On the flip side, the Clek Foonf is extremely heavy but I personally don’t mind dealing with a 33 pounds seat if I know that my child is well-protected. 

Also, the Clek Foonf has a rethreaded harness which means you have to detach the straps to adjust its position as your baby grows. 

Other key-selling features

Steel magnesium frame

Anti-rebound bar

Easy LATCH forward-facing install

Fabrics resistant to spills and stains

Made in Canada 

Water-resistant fabric


Built like a tank

Sit upright saving space

Extended rear-facing


Very heavy

Hard rear-facing installation 

Rethread Harness

Diono Radian 3XRT 

diono radian 3rxt for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D16” x W17” x H28.5”

Weight limits: Rear-facing (5-45 lbs), forward-facing (20-65 lbs), booster (50-120)

Weight‎: 28.1 lbs

The Diono Randian 3XRT fits in a 3 across perfectly in most mid-sized vehicles. It’s also an option that will last you for years. The Radian includes rear-facing, and forward-facing modes and converts to a booster when needed.  

The Randian 3XRT is made of a solid steel frame which makes it super heavy but also safe for your little ones. It also features EPS foam for energy absorption and aluminum-reinforced sidewalls for an extra layer of protection.   

Similar to a few car seats on this list, the Diono Radian 3XRT is not a cheap purchase. It combines luxury, safety, comfort, and a slim design to allow 3 car seats in the backseat of your car. So, it’s certainly worth it.  

On the other hand, there are a few things we don’t like about this car seat. When rear-facing, the Diono Radian can occupy a lot of front-to-back space. This means not all cars can accommodate this option. 

Also, it doesn’t have many recline options for rear-facing that’s why a separate “Diono Angle Adjuster” can be purchased to make it more upright for older babies and toddlers.

Other key-selling features

Solid safety features

Deluxe SuperLATCH connectors

Full steel reinforced frame and aluminum reinforced sides

12-position headrest

Used until 120 lbs

Included back cover


Low and narrow profile

Folds flat for travel and storage

Well-padded and comfortable


Spot clean only

Can be tricky to install it correctly 

Heavy to travel with

Clek Fllo (Best sturdy car seat for 3 across)

Clek Fllo convertible car seat for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D22” x W17” x H26”

Weight limits: Rear-facing (4-50 lbs), Forward-facing (22-65 lbs)

Weight‎: 25 lbs

Similar to the Clek Foonf, the Fllo is designed to fit in narrow spaces. There aren’t many differences between the two models. The Clek Fllo is also equipped with all the essential features for your child’s safety.

The seat’s built with a steel frame, an anti-rebound bar, and built-in LATCH for both rear-facing and forward facing.

And with its velvety soft fabric that wipes clean easily, this seat is made to be odor, bacteria, and stain-resistant.

The height and weight limits are high, however, the Fllo just like the Foonf can only be used from birth if you buy Clek’s insert called the Infant Thingy.

Other key-selling features

Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology (EACT)

Advanced Side-Impact Protection System

An adjustable crotch strap and 6 different harness

Built-in rear-facing lock-offs

Removable seat cushion

Optional anti-rebound bar (Required in Canada)


Extended rea-facing (up to 50 lbs)

Uses natural flame retardants

Fits 3 across in most vehicles


On the pricy side

Lack of seat padding

Hard forward-facing installation

Chicco Myfit (Best combination car seat for 3 across)

chicco myfit combination seat for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D18.75” x W17” x H27”

Weight limits: Forward-facing (25-65 lbs.), Booster (40-100 lbs)

Weight‎: 25 lbs

Having your precious Graco in a 5-point harness for as long as possible is crucial for their safety. The Chicco Myfit is a harness plus booster car seat that’s super slim for 3 car seats across. 

The Chicco Myfit grows with your child from 25 pounds up to 100 pounds in weight. You can easily tradition from 5 point harness to a belt-positioning belt when he or she is ready. 

We were so impressed by how easy the installation was with the Chicco Myfit with both seatbelt and LATCH. The harness is super easy to adjust as well

While cleaning the regular Myfit may be a bit of a challenge, both the premium models MyFit Zip and MyFit Zip Air have a zip-off cover for easier cleaning. 

Plus, the MyFit Zip Air offers a breathable AirMesh backrest, and SuperCinch Latch that makes installation a breeze. 

Other key-selling features

IIHS Best Bet Booster rating

No-rethread harness with 9-position headrest

Lockoffs for secure installation with seatbelt

Premium LATCH connectors

Steel-reinforced frame & Energy-absorbing base

Dual-density foam seat cushion


Good padding

Tall harness height

Small footprint 


Low LATCH limit (40 lbs only)

Installation may be hard in some vehicle


Peg Perego Shuttle Plus 120 (Best booster car seat for 3 across)

peg perego shuttle plus 120 for 3 across

Dimensions: ‎ D17” x W17” x H26.75”

Weight limits: Forward facing (40-120 lbs, up to 63 inches)

Weight‎: 14 lbs

If you are looking for a booster for your small car, we recommend the Peg Perego Shuttle Plus. The Shuttle Plus 120 is one of the narrowest boosters on the market and a great choice for achieving a successful 3 across.

A unique feature of the Sutthle Plus is the 3D Total Adjust technology that we found very helpful. This feature allows you to adjust the headrest, the upper backrest, and the side wings in all directions and independently. 

And when your child is ready to switch to backless booster mode, the backrest can be removed with the simple push of a button. 

Also, the Peg Perego Shuttle Plus has an integrated rigid LATCH. Not many boosters on the market have LATCH connectors so having a booster with Latch can help with both installation and keeping the seat stable when not in use. 

When it comes to safety we trust Peg Perego. This seat has an aluminum-reinforced backrest and Side Impact Protection (SIP) that protects your child’s head, neck, and spine. 

Overall, the Shuttle Plus 120 is a safe booster for your child that’s also an awesome option for 3 across. 

Bonus: Another great Perg Perego booster you can consider for 3 across is the Peg Perego Viaggio Flex.

Other key-selling features

Blind Lock Attaching System (Prevents the car seat from being accidentally released by another passenger)

Aluminum reinforced Backrest

All side Impact Protection

Added cup holder


Made in Italy


Easy to use and adjust

Lightweight and easy to travel with

Switches to backless


Pricey for a booster

May not be suitable for big kids 

Not well padded

3 across car seats: buyer’s guide

How to choose the right car seat(s) for a safe 3 across installation

Choosing the right car seat or seats for 3 across will require you to do some homework. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a car seat for 3 across. 

Know the width of your car’s backseat or what’s called the hip room. Car manufacturers will list the hip room measurement for your specific model. Knowing the hip room measurement will give you an idea of the maximum width of each car seat that can be installed in a 3 across configuration. 

Depending on your car’s model and hip room measurement, choose 3 car seats that can fit without overlapping each other (Overlapping is not allowed in car seat installations). There are multiple car seats that are designed for 3 across the installation. Most of them are listed above. 

To know whether a car seat is suitable for 3 across in your car, add up the width measurement of the 3 car seats you have chosen and compare it to your car’s hip room measurement. If the total width of the car seats is less than your car’s hip room measurement, then it’s likely that you’ll be able to fit three car seats across the backseat of your car. 

Check the maximum Weight and Height Limits: Make sure that the car seat types you are considering can accommodate the weight and height of your child. Also, consider how long you plan to use the car seats before your child outgrows them.

3 car seats across FAQs

What does 3 across car seat mean?

Three across car seat means installing three car seats side by side in the back seat of a vehicle to accommodate 3 kids that need require a car seat. 

Is it safe to put 3 car seats across?

Yes, it is safe to have 3 car seats side by side only if the car’a size and design allows it and the chosen car seats are installed PROPERLY and SECURELY.

Which car seats fit three in a row?

These are several car seats that can fit 3 in a row but depending on your vehicle’s size and model, the compatibility of these car seats may vary.
(Diono Radians, Clek Fllo and Clek , Graco SlimFit3 LX 3 in 1, Safety 1st Guide 65, Evenflo Tribute LX, Chicco KeyFits, Britax Marathon ClickTight, Cosco Scenera Next)

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